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Registering on Nurse2Nurse
Registration on Nurse2Nurse is open to all INMO Members. To register you need your INMO membership number, this number is usually in the following format: a capital letter followed by a number 
example:  Capital A, B, or  F followed by numbers usually beginning with the figure Zero : 0765
You will also need the exact name you registered with the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation - if you regsitered using your second name or initial you will need to include these, if you have changed name and have not changed your name with INMO you will still be registered in your previous name. Those of you with Mac or Mc should put a space between this and the second part of your name,
eg. Mc Carthy.

Make sure that you have your INMO Membership Number available.


Login & Password


Login & Passwords  are only given to the members themselves and are  not transferable . In case of you being no longer INMO member for whatever reason, Nurse2Nurse reserves the right to terminate your account until the time that you are a registered INMO member.

Nurse2Nurse follows a strict privacy policy but we do monitor optimal use of our resources to ensure uniform service for all members of the INMO, therefore abuse of your username and password can result in a permanent or temporary blockage to your account.


Problems Logging onto Nurse2Nurse

  • Have you registered?
  • Have you received your login and password?

If yes to the above - you have your login and passwordYour login is normally in small letters with no spaces at the beginning, middle or end of your login

  • Your password maybe one you have created yourself or maybe one we gave you which possibly is your INMO number
  • If your Login or Password is your membership number please make sure to use Capital Letters where specified or to use Zero as opposed to Capital letter O - one the problems could be using the letter o instead of using the number Zero 0.
  • Ensure you do not have any spaces before, after or in the middle of your login or password.

You have logged in successfully - your name appears on the top bar

If you have already registered and cannot remember your details please contact us. Or if you are having difficulty registering please contact us on (01) 6640614/625.


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